Not A Bad Read


We’ve been all about Antoinette Portis books over here lately. I’m pretty sure Miss P doesn’t have a clue as to the meaning of the story although my inflection is trying pretty hard to insinuate that there’s something terribly interesting going on. Really it’s not hard to animate the illustrations because Ms. Portis has made a terribly simple but rich story about the heart of childhood. To me, her two books, “Not A Stick” and “Not A Box” are essential, although I’m not sure if it’s essential for me or Miss P! To her the ideas in those pages may just occur naturally, but as a parent to read it is to remind yourself how your child sees the world and the things in it. They don’t attach meaning to objects the way that we do, thank God. That comes later. For now, everything they see is whatever they want it to be. And that’s the beauty of possibility that we keep trying to recapture our whole lives. If you don’t have these yet, get them. Not a bad investment.


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